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Personal Consultation

Combination of Mediumship (contact with Spirit) and Psychic information for clients searching for answers, confirmation of the continuity of life and reassurance of their life’s journey.

Readings are 30 –45 mins for a suggested donation of $50.   Prefer daytime appointments, but evenings can be arranged when necessary.

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What to Expect

A private consultation with a Psychic Medium can be a pleasant and eye opening experience as long as you choose the correct Medium.  Always rely on word of mouth when looking for the right reader for you.  If you are uncomfortable with a reader or find they pass along negative information please do not continue with your reading! You should always leave a reading feeling better not worse! Please try to arrive on time.  I work directly with spirit and spirit knows you are coming! 

I meditate prior to your arrival and generally get quite a bit of information before you even walk through the door.  Please try to clear your mind before you arrive.  You will have questions (please write them down before you arrive).  Please open your mind and your heart to the spirit who may wish to connect with you.  Arriving tense and "afraid" blocks your energies and makes the connection difficult for both the medium and your loved ones.  Imagine that you are having a phone conversation and the person on the other end is silent.  Makes for a difficult conversation!  When you are seated, just breathe and relax. Crossed arms and closed minds are difficult to communicate with.

A reading is done with love, with humor and with respect for both you, the sitter and your loved ones in spirit. You can be assured that you will leave us feeling better than you did when you first walked in.