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Rev.Carol Burrows

RevCarol.pngA graduate of the Fellowships of The Spirit, School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy, Lily Dale, New York as Ordained Minister and Meta-physician.  The result of an awakening after the death of my father in 1995 when I was introduced to Spiritualism and Communication with Spirit.

Being raised in a family of traditional ‘Anglican’ religious beliefs, I struggled with the amount of ‘Sin’ in peoples’ lives and the fact that Jesus was untouchable by us ordinary people.  A man that gifted in healing and so full of love wouldn’t be so selective in who he would bless, would he?? My personal discovery is that Jesus was a man filled with Gods love and healing touch.  Each and every person has the right to discover that God within, and all the love and healing that comes from that acceptance.

Everyone is tested at some point in their life.  Death can be one of the biggest experiences that defines us as human beings.  Having my son cross over in 2005 has taught me many things and brought many gifts into my life.  My life motto is:  ‘This Came To Bless Me’ and no matter how crazy in the moment that may seem, it is the truth.

I hope that I can be of some comfort to those who are struggling; teach those who are open to the ‘Enlightened’ path; offer blessings for babies just beginning their journey; provide solace to those crossing over and offer guidance to couples embarking on a matrimonial  path together.

My mission is my passion:  To help people understand their purpose in life during their incarnation this time round.  We are living in exciting and awakening times…